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Be a Host Family

Our Homestay Family program immerses visitors in Kiwi culture, making you an ambassador for New Zealand. In addition to the extra income, being a host family provides a unique opportunity for your children to learn about other cultures and make a lifelong friend. Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you in every step of the process.

Homestay Host Payments

Once you receive a student, the payment process begins, which will be done every two weeks to your personal bank account.

The payment covers: Accommodation, 2 meals per day during the week and three meals per day on weekends (unless a different arrangement is made individually).
I.H.S administration of fees paid by the student,  for the duration of the placement.
Support 24/7.

* Host compensation varies based on location, meals, and sometimes other amenities or considerations.

Blue and Yellow Bed

Establishing the house rules

Family in the Kitchen

When the student arrives you will need to show them around the house and explain things like when they can take a shower, which rooms they are allowed to go into, and what time everyone will get up in the morning.


He/she probably won’t remember very much of what he/she is told in the first few days so you will need to go over things again, remind him/her gently, and explain things clearly several times.


All the house rules should be established with the student by the end of his/her first week. The rules for the student should be the same as for other members of the family, e.g. the student should have the same curfew as the homestay son/daughter of the same or similar age.

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